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I have dogs.  I have kids.  I can be a nut about them.  Dog Nut Mom

I have been involved in dog agility since 1998 when I started with my first agility dog, an All American Princess, a rescue that I got from a shelter when she was 7 years old.  My next dog, was a border collie named Luce, from MidAtlantic Border Collie Rescue at age 1-1/2 years. Luce started competing in 2002 and earned her PDCH (Performance ADCH) in May 2009 as well as Platinum P3 Snooker.  She retired in March 2012 and passed away at age 14-1/2 in April 2014. My current competition dog is a border collie mix, Blaze, a rescue at age 1 year from Bimmers Border Collie Rescue. He started trialling in the spring of 2009, earned his MAD in January 2012, his ADCH in October 2012 and subsquently his ADCH-Bronze and LAA-Bronze in 2015.  After moving to Performance, Blaze earned his Performance MAD in June 2016 and his Performance ADCH in October. He will now be starting his Veteran career.  Merc is my young rescue, a smooth coat, blue merle border collie.  Found wondering around Ohio at around 1 year old in February 2016, he has now settled in and taken over our household :-)  He has only just started running in agility.

I provide trial secretary services for USDAA Clubs in the North East USA.  I have secretaried everything from a sanctioned match, small and large trials, to the large North East Regional many times, on up to Cynosport for USDAA since 2011.
A “trial secretary for the people”,  I strive to make each trial as stress free as possible for the competitor and the club alike.  Friendly, prompt communication is key.  Answering all questions, no matter how large or small.

I provide trial secretary services from start to finish - from the trial application, the test schedule, accepting entries and sending confirmations, to creating easy to read running orders, gate sheets and scribe sheets through to submitting final results to USDAA after the trial is over.

I have also mentored several trial secretaries in the North East.

"Helen McNenly is not only a great trial secretary, she is a true gift to the agility community.  Because of the respect for Helen in our area, she was the first person I went to when I was asked to be the trial secretary for my local club.  Helen responded to each and every one of my questions before, during and after the trial.  Without Helen's help, I don't think I would have survived that first trial.  She has continued to be my mentor, as I continue to learn.  Helen's trials seem to run flawlessly.  The results are accurate and timely.  Helen would be a great choice if you are looking for a competent (and very pleasant) trial secretary."                                       
Marilyn Bradley, Head Over Tails Agility


"Helen is awesome! She is the most efficient, accurate, and pleasant trial secretary that I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with. It seems like she sends preliminary confirmations out within hours of receiving them, her trials run smoothly on site no matter what the circumstances or weather conditions, and results are sent out to the competitors within days of the trial ending. She has secretaried trials from one ring per day to huge 3 day 3 ring regionals.
After experiencing all of this first hand, she was my only choice to help me as I tackled the task of first time trial secretary. She was and continues to be a fabulous mentor! No question went unanswered, and for every question I had, she had a clear, detailed answer, which usually included more information than I knew I needed. Her response time was swift, and even when she did not have the trial secretary program open she was able to reply with amazing accuracy. I was much more confident at the trial knowing she had my back.
Helen’s organization skills and attention to detail make her an excellent trial secretary, and I highly recommend her!   You can’t go wrong if you hire her as your trial secretary."                                  Carolyn Zimmer, JAG (Jersey Agility)




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